The Functional Gynecologist

Episode #68: How to Get Off the Caffeine and Wine Rollercoaster, with Dr. Susan Lovelle

April 14, 2021 Dr. Tabatha Season 2 Episode 68
The Functional Gynecologist
Episode #68: How to Get Off the Caffeine and Wine Rollercoaster, with Dr. Susan Lovelle
Show Notes

Are you surviving off caffeine, wine, and willpower? What if you took it all away? Could you function? If this sounds like you, then that's a sign of adrenal gland dysfunction from chronic stress. 

There is a better way to live! 

I personally lived in that unhealthy way for almost 20 years and so did my guest, Dr. Susan Lovelle. In this fun and eye-opening episode, Dr. Susan explains how she burnt herself out as a busy, successful plastic surgeon. That journey helped her discover a better way to live. And she's bringing this important information to you ladies!!

Dr. Susan Lovelle, The Thrive Architect, helps busy professional and business women, who are just surviving on caffeine and willpower, design their own unique blueprint to the energy, power, and balance they want in their lives. 

She’s the creator of Premiere Wellness, a comprehensive holistic health company based in Raleigh, NC, serving clients globally with customized wellness solutions for weight, energy, hormones, and more. 

Having been a professional ballet dancer for 17 years and then an award-winning plastic surgeon for over two decades, Dr. Susan knows what it’s like to beat your body and your mind into submission to achieve a certain look or vision. 

In fact, the physical, mental, and emotional abuse she heaped on her own body during those years led to the life-threatening health issues she later developed and it was only through a personalized, holistic approach that she healed herself.

Now, Dr. Susan uses that additional expertise in Functional Medicine to help others heal from the inside out, leading to lasting, powerful change. Dr. Susan has been featured on The Doctors, Lifetime TV, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Good Morning Washington, and Good Day Charlotte.

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