The Functional Gynecologist

Episode #83: How Genetic Testing Can Empower Your Health Journey, with Dr. Sam Shay

August 20, 2021 Dr. Tabatha Season 2 Episode 83
The Functional Gynecologist
Episode #83: How Genetic Testing Can Empower Your Health Journey, with Dr. Sam Shay
Show Notes

Did you know that your genes actually determine how your immune system responds to sickness, exercise, and stress? If you have genetic SNPs (mutations in certain genes), then you could be more prone to inflammation, chronic pain, and a slower recovery from things like exercise.

That is exactly what I found out in this episode, where Dr. Shay went over my genetic testing in detail. He ran five genetic panels that gave me clear insight into why I have the health struggles I have, and reviewed them in detail. And the best part? He shared a ton of knowledge bombs during this episode that I know you'll want to hear!

If you haven't listened to episode #65, How Do Your Genes Affect Your Health, with Dr. Shay, then you should! The idea for this episode actually came during that episode where he explained the specialized testing he runs. He creates a report based on five genetic panels of information. 

5 Genetic Panels:

  • Achieve Your Natural Weight Profile
  • Find Your Ideal Diet Profile
  • Understand Your Trigger Foods Profile
  • Vitamin D Absorption Profile
  • Immunity Support Genes Profile

For over 20 years, Sam devoted his life to health and science, learning how to heal himself by cross-training across multiple health disciplines and functional medicine, now using the same principles with his online clients.

Sam’s health journey began as a boy, learning to overcome a decade-plus of severe insomnia, gut problems, an inflammatory diet, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and two addictions (video games and sugar).

Sam dedicated his life to alleviate physical, biochemical, and emotional suffering and help others reach the highest human potential and creativity. He crossed-trained extensively, including a doctorate in chiropractic, degrees, and certifications in acupuncture, functional neurology, genetics analysis, and functional medicine.

Dr. Sam uses advanced functional lab testing and integrative coaching to collaborate with you to help you achieve your health, wellness, longevity, and high-performance goals.

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